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Philosophy publication list

My first career was as a philosophy lecturer, during which time I published two books and a fair few articles, mostly on the philosophy of history. Since leaving Academia in 2008, I have continued to publish the occasional article relating to philosophy of history, even though the focus of my interests has moved elsewhere.

If you’re only going to read one thing by me, make it my 2008 paper, ‘Our relations with the past’.


(2012) Review of Kerwin Lee Klein’s ‘From History to Theory’ – American Historical Review 117/3, pp.819-820

(2010) Review of Jonathan Gorman’s ‘Historical Judgement’ – Mind 199 (476), pp. 1168-1171

(2010) Counterfactual reasoning and method in historical geography – Journal for Historical Geography 36, pp. 253-260

(2009) Competing explanations: exclusion and importance in historical accounts. Published by VDM Verlag, 2009 (originally doctoral thesis, 2003)

Mark Day's 'Philosophy of History' (Continuum)(2008) The Philosophy of History: An Introduction. Published by Continuum Press, 2008.

(2008) Our relations with the past – Philosophia 36/4, pp. 417-427

(2008) Historical evidence and confirmation (with Greg Radick) – a chapter for the Blackwell Companion to the Philosophy of History and Historiography, pp. 87-97

(2008) Contrast, inference and scientific realism (with George Botterill) – Synthese 160/2, pp. 249-267

(2006) Review of Aviezer Tucker’s ‘Our Knowledge of the Past’ – Philosophical Books 47/4, pp. 386-388

(2004) Explanatory exclusion in history and social science – Philosophy of the Social Sciences 34/1