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Composition and sound design for contemporary theatre

I’ve worked with emerging theatre companies both as part of a devising process, and in working to commission. My preferred style builds on the electronic manipulation of performed instruments and found sound. Past projects include:


Bandstand: a smartphone app produced in 2013, providing an interactive audio tour built around imagined narratives. The audience is led around a traditional bandstand in the context of that narrative. I had the opportunity to bring together brass band recording with original composition, and I was very happy with the result. Further details available here.

LISTEN: Extract from Bandstand (Lightwoods Park)

LISTEN: Extract from Bandstand (West Park)

Bandstand audio


Black Tonic: funded by the Wellcome Trust, Black Tonic is a detective story about infidelity and sleep deprivation, performed in a hotel to an audience of just four. The show first toured nationwide in 2008, and in 2015 was substantially rewritten prior to a new nationwide tour. Black Tonic was favourably reviewed by The Independent, and The Guardian.

LISTEN: Lena’s song from Black Tonic

LISTEN: Audio in Jo’s room, from Black Tonic

Black Tonic logo


Spool: a short piece featuring two performers and one sound engineer, built around the live creation and manipulation of sound loops to create contrasting atmospheres. On the back of this piece, I created and toured a workshop based around the use of audio looping in the theatre devising process.


I am Waiting for the Opportunity to Save Someone’s Life: a major project funded by the Arts Council in 2006, I am Waiting was a completely devised work, site specific to a high-end Birmingham retail unit. The project ambitiously integrated a range of media, including environments to explore, video, live performance, and audio.

LISTEN: Audio from I am Waiting …

receptionist in 'I am Waiting'


Wapping Audio Tour: this audio tour offers an intriguing mix of performance and sitghtseeing, guiding the walker through the old London docks district of Wapping. Download the tour here.
wapping audio tour